Terms and Conditions

WebhostChampion was able to surpass all the challenges in establishing a new website. It was able to prove to the public that it is a reliable web hosting review site. It was able to give unfailing and coherent reviews and ratings of different web hosting sites available. Hence the website has the right to set the rules and regulations for all its members. But upon formulating its list of do’s and don’ts, the company is always thinking of the benefit that its customers will get.

Below is the detailed yet easy to understand terms of use. All its customers are requested to read this page. They are also asked to understand everything in its content to establish a compromise to both parties.

Responsibilities of the Users or Clients

Before joining WebhostChampion, it is the liability of the Clients to attest the following:

  • The Customer is of legal age upon joining in the web hosting review site
  • The Customer will abide by the rules and regulations of the company
  • The Customer will obey the guidelines made by the company in submitting reviews or ratings
  • The Customer will ask permission if he or she will use some of the contents of the company’s web site for personal reasons
  • The Customer will not get attempt to steal the company’s layouts and details
  • The Customer will not try to use the company’s website information in order for him or her to create a new website or a third party website.

Things stated above should be carefully followed. Once proven that the Client break one of the rules, WebhostChampion has the right to cancel or terminate the Client’s account and their agreement.

Materials to be used in WebhostChampion

WebhostChampion has the right to check all the materials that its Clients will submit or upload to its website. The company will validate all the information included in the Client’s data. No malicious contents should be included in the Customer’s data because this will lead to the rejection of the material. The Client will be given certain time to fix its materials to satisfy the requirements set by WebhostChampion.

Ownership of WebhostChampion

WebhostChampion as a website will automatically have the right to own the entire website and its contents. Everything that has been placed on the website is one of the properties of WebhostChampion.

The following in the list are in the possession of the website:

  • Title or Name of the Website
  • Logo used by the Website
  • Pictures or Photos included in the website
  • Descriptions or Articles made by the staff of WebhostChampion

All the data, brand or logo from the Third Party Companies that are shown in WebhostChampion’s website still has the right and still owns all their properties.

If there will be any problems involving to what is stated above, all the customers are encouraged to contact the website either via a phone call or email. The contact us page is very helpful and efficient in reaching the website owner.

License is given to WebhostChampion

All the Customers upon joining WebhostChampion should be aware that they are giving the company their approval and license to use and own all the information given by its members. All the clients are granting the web hosting review site to use all the data of its people for the company’s service and operation purposes.


WebhostChampion will be indemnified by its Customers in case of any trouble arises. All the clients agreed that the company is inoffensive and risk-free. All the employees from people behind the company or its high positioned individuals up to the lowest ranking staff, third party partners and suppliers will be free of charge and will not be questioned for the following reasons:

  • The customer has breached the contract
  • The customer failed to obey one of the agreements with the company
  • The customer has been involved with illegal activities
  • The customer has claimed for infringement or libel cases due to desecration of privacy

Liabilities and Guaranties by WebhostChampion

WebhostChampion is the sole owner and responsible for all the contents or data included on its website. All the information that people can read and see to its website are made by its well-trained employees. But WebhostChampion is being honest that they cannot guarantee that everything stated on their website is error free and very precise. They are attesting that any misinformation made by the company will definitely undergo some course of actions to correct them.

Not related Websites to WebhostChampion

Since there are so many websites available in the cyber world, WebhostChampion is not responsible for linking any web address to its customers. The company guarantees that they do not make use of the websites not related to WebhostChampion and their services. Only Third party websites acknowledged and partnered with the company are related to WebhostChampion.

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