Hostgator vs BlueHost (2017) : Ups and Downs Explained

When it comes to the web hosting there are two big names out there; HostGator and BlueHost. In fact; ask just about anybody who is serious about their website and it is likely they will be hosted with one of these two companies. On this page, I want to take a look at the similarities between the two companies and perhaps, more importantly, a few of the differences between them.


The start of our HostGator vs BlueHost battle begins with the user interface. You will be pleased to know that both companies use exactly the same system here; CPanel. Those, who are well-versed in the world of web hosting, will know that CPanel is without a doubt one of the best systems to use as it is dreadfully simple to do just about anything. HostGator does throw a few extra features into the mix with their variation of CPanel, but it is not enough to distinguish the two companies.


Where HostGator really seems to shine is the amount of uptime they have. A recent study looked at the amount of uptime one HostGator website had a website hosted by BlueHost. This study found that whilst HostGator had just one outage of one minute over the space of a month, Bluehost had a total of 51 minutes of a total of 11 outages. This is a huge difference. I must, however, stress that this was only one study. Both companies do claim to have an uptime of 99.9% and thus more research would be needed.

Customer Support

Both companies have grown so big due to the fact that they are absolutely brilliant at Customer Support. The teams behind HostGator and BlueHost realized that not everybody is going to know all that much about Web Hosting. For this reason, they did not want to go down the route of outsourcing their support services. They wanted to have a dedicated team who knew the service inside out so they could give genuine support 24 hours a day through a variety of different methods. For this reason, in our HostGator vs BlueHost debate, the two companies are tied. They tend to have parity with each other when it comes to customer support. If you have a question then you can be sure that HostGator and BlueHost will answer it as quickly as possible

Hosting Packages

In terms of hosting packages, there are not a lot of differences. It is, however, worth noting that you the cost of BlueHost packages is slightly higher than HostGator. It is only recently that BlueHost has started to allow its users to pay on a monthly basis too. The most basic of HostGator packages offers unlimited everything, whereas you would need to opt for the second largest package offered by BlueHost to get unlimited everything there. Both companies offer VPS and dedicated hosting if you wish. The upgrade process tends to be much the same (it takes just a couple of button clicks to change your service!)


The vast majority of people will be happy with either hosting company. For the sake of the HostGator vs BlueHost debate, however, I would have to go with HostGator. They just seem to have better servers.

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