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Hostgator Review

Located in: Dallas Texas USA, Since 2002

Founded in 2002, and HostGator is one of the fastest growing shared and reseller web hosting companies in the United States. One of their unique qualities is that they provide access to the industry-leading SiteStudio website designer, which is an extremely easy program to use to help even the greenest beginner with their website development. Also priding themselves on customer care and approval, HostGator has received many positive customer reviews.

HostGator is the one of the Best Reseller Hosting provider. It offers a turnkey solution whereby resellers create their own pricing and packages, and customer feedback has shown that support and reseller assistance is top-notch. Right now, there is over 10,000 reseller working with HostGator.

HostGator Awards:

DailyHostNews February 2013 Editor’s Choice AwardHostgator Award by DailyHostNews

Web hosting news and review site DailyHostNews announces HostGator as a winner of its February 2013 Editor’s Choice Award. Editors at DailyHostNews reviewed HostGator’s web hosting packages and gave an overall “A+” grade for the sales process, customer support, package features, and usability.

Find My Host’s #2 Best Web Hosting 2012

Hostgator Award by FindMyHostsHostGator is one of the most famous Linux platform web hosting company in the industry. From the newest stats, HostGator INC. is already serving more than 5 million domain names in their shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated servers. HostGator is one of the best choice for the small to medium-sized business owners and blogging websites. HostGator is good since they can deliver the best customer support service & most reliable web hosting service to their clients.

WordPress Hosting Review’s 2012 Best HostHostgator Award by Best WordPress Host

For our second year in a row, HostGator has come in first for Best Host of The Year in 2012. We have been using HostGator on several websites over time and know that they do a good job. Our criteria are based on Speed/Uptime, Price, Customer Support, and Features. HostGator has delivered what they set out to do. For us, this means keeping our website up and running fast, giving us affordable plans with good features and keeping us happy. Cheers guys, here’s to another year.

HostGator Reliable Hosting Plans:

Hostgator Shared Hosting:

They are the biggest seller of web hosting plans and they have a wide range of services to be offered under this category. Currently, there are only three plans offered by them, which are as follows:

Plan 1: Hostgator Hatchling Plan

This is good for the people who are having the one domain only and they are starting their site for the first time. You have to pay $3.45/mo for three years for this plan.

Facilities offered under the HostGator Hatching Plan

  1. This is for the Single Domain only.
  2. Unlimited Disk Space is provided under this.
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth is provided under this plan.
  4. SSL certificate which is necessary for the network security is also available under this.

Plan 2: HostGator Baby Plan

This plan will be better for those who are starting two or three sites simultaneously. The charges that you need to pay for availing this plan is $4.95/mo for one year.

Facilities offered under the HostGator Baby Plan

  1. Unlimited domain facility is available under this.
  2. Unlimited Disk Space is provided under this.
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth is provided under this plan.
  4. SSL certificate which is necessary for the network security is also available under this.

Plan 3: HostGator Business Plan

This plan is good for those who are starting a website related to a business and needs top most security for their business. The charges that you need to pay for availing this plan is $5.95/mo for three years.

Facilities offered under the HostGator Business Plan

  1. Unlimited domain facility is available under this.
  2. Unlimited Disk Space is provided under this.
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth is provided under this plan.
  4. Free private SSL certificate and IP, which is necessary for the network security, is also available under this.

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Hostgator Reseller Hosting:

Hostgator offers a wide range of plans that will enable a new businessman to open its new web hosting business.

Plan 1: Aluminium Plan

You have to pay $19.95/mo for one month for this plan.

Facilities offered under the Aluminum Plan

  • 60 GB of Disk Space is provided under this.
  • 600 GB of bandwidth is also provided with it.
  • Facility of hosting unlimited domains under this.

Plan 2: Copper Plan

You have to pay $24.95/mo for one month for this plan.

Facilities offered under the Copper Plan

  • 90 GB of Disk Space is provided under this.
  • 900 GB of bandwidth is also provided with it.
  • Facility of hosting unlimited domains under this.

Plan 3: Silver Plan

The total cost that you have to pay $24.95/mo for one month for this plan.

Facilities offered under the Silver Plan

  • 140 GB of Disk Space is provided under this. This may be cloud storage or local storage too.
  • 1400 GB of bandwidth is also provided with it. This will make your hosting to perform faster.
  • Facility of hosting unlimited domains under this.

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Our Expert Editor Review on Hostgator

Hostgator Performance:

HostGator has been continually improving its hosting servers’ performance without increasing cost (Offering big discount HostGator coupons). Hosting servers are optimized to provide the best performance for different programming languages and different content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many others.

HostGator’s Time to First Byte (TTFB) speeds leave the competition with much to be desired. TTFB of HostGator is far better than InMotion, GoDaddy, and other shared hosting providers. TTFB measures the time from when your website first gets a request to when it acknowledges the request and starts to return the data.

HostGator assigns 256 M memory to each hosting account that is a big advantage if you are running a Photo or Video blog or website and frequently upload Photos and videos to your website.

It promises 99.9% uptime, unlimited email account, unlimited hosting space, and unlimited bandwidth just for $3.96 a month.

See here Load Impact Test report:

Testing Server Location: Portland, OR
HostGator Server Location: Charlotte, NC
Max Response Time: 6.62 seconds
Min Response Time: 262.10 milliseconds

Hostgator Performance

Why choose HostGator web Hosting?

Web Space and Bandwidth

Host Gator provides its clients with three very compact web hosting plans: Hatchling, Baby, and Business. Each of these plans includes unlimited disk space and unmetered data transfer, there being no hidden charges for these facilities. If Hatchling plan offers the possibility to host only a single domain name, Baby and Business plans permit hosting of an unlimited number of web domains.

Host Unlimited Domains

As shown above, starting with the Baby plan, you may host an unlimited number of web domains in the same account for only $ 7.95/month. Also, if you opt for the Baby plan, you may get the IP Dedicated address for only $ 2/month.

Free Domain For Life

Unfortunately, Host Gator does not offer the possibility of a free registration of a domain name when creating a hosting account. Even if for some users this might be a handicap for a hosting company, most clients were impressed by the other major features offered within services provided by Host Gator. Advantages like unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited subdomains, and FTP accounts, but also $ 50 Google Adwords Credit, all included in the main plan, compensate for the lack of possibility to register a free domain name.

99,9% Uptime Guarantee

Guaranteed uptime Host Gator is 99.9% per year. What does this mean? Throughout the duration of a year, your website can be offline for up to 8 hours and 45 minutes, which means that the period when the site is not online (downtime) is up to 1 minutes and 26 seconds in one day. If you consider it much or less, find that a 99.9% uptime, as that guaranteed by Host Gator, is very good. If someone tells you that he can offer you 100% uptime, that person is lying because this is not possible – no one can guarantee and offer a 100% Uptime.

hostgator uptime


Host Gator has demonstrated to be a reliable hosting company since its establishment, giving its client the security of functionality and services even in extreme cases. Providing instant backup generators and the latest equipment to detect fire, Host Gator gets added reliability and gives a pleasant feeling of security to its clients. Realizing the ideal combination between powers and saving the resources, Host Gator has efficiently invested in developing production of renewable energy systems using wind power.

cPanel (Control Panel)

Whether you choose the main plan, Hatchling plan, or choose a Business plan, Host Gator will reward you choice offering you the latest version of cPanel control panel, the most used and appreciated control panel in the world. Facilities provided by Host Gator offering the cPanel interface include Fantastico, Soholaunch, Hotlink Protection, IP Deny Manager Instant phpNuke and much more.
Free Script Library
The set of free scripts provided by Host Gator is a very generous and, at the same time, very valuable one. Among these, we mention WordPress, Python, FrontPage, Image Magick, Ruby on Rails and much more.

Hostgator Cpanel

Customer Support

Host Gator is undoubtedly the winner of the best technical support: 24/7/365 telephone support, live chat, fax, ticket system but also active community working on the forum. In the same time, Host Gator provides a lot of very intuitive and easy to understand video tutorials to its users.

Price Value

Although not offering the most competitive price on the market, Host Gator provides exceptional quality services at prices starting at $ 4.95/month. For this amount HostGator This includes unlimited server space for your site but also an unmetered data transfer. Compared to other offerings in the top, Host Gator is placed in the second position within the classification, after Just Host.

Money Back Guarantee

Even if in 2008 there was a percentage over 90% of clients who have confirmed the quality of service and were satisfied with them, Host Gator has still kept the possibility for others to get their money back on demand and without any explanations. If you purchased a web hosting package from Host Gator and you are not totally satisfied with it, you may ask for your money back within no less than 45 days.

What’s good about HostGator?

  • Reliable web hosting services – Fast and extremely reliable hosting servers (over 99.9% uptime).
  • Eco-friendly web hosting service – All HostGator servers are 130% wind powered (means they are generating more clean power than they are using).
  • Unlimited MySQL databases – Unlimited databases is a huge plus for those who wish to host multiple websites on one account.
  • Supreme customer support – HostGator provides excellent after-sales service via 24/7 toll-free phone, live chat, email, and a “hyperactive” employee-based forum (note that HostGator is the only web host that has its employees monitoring and responding on its support forum).
  • Long trial period – HostGator customers get up to 45 days of trial period.
  • Lots of hosting options – HostGator provides a different level of web hosting services (shared/VPS/dedicated/reseller; Windows/Linux hosting) hence customers can expand their websites without worrying about hosting upgrades.
  • Great hosting features – Get features that you can’t get from most another web host from HostGator including Chilisoft ASP, Curl, GD, Image Magick, ZenCart, osCommerce, and Cube Cart.
  • Best business hosting plan – Free private SSL, dedicated IP, and toll-free number (with free call time) for BusinessGator Hosting Plan users; this makes HostGator the best in term of business hosting.

What’s bad about HostGator?

  • Lax Preventative Measures: To successfully use Hostgator, one might have to first understand the finer points of the web hosting process. There are not a lot of preventative measures taken to help members avoid mistakes.
  • Complicated Appearance: Some users get discouraged by the apparent complexity of the process because of the somewhat complicated appearance of the Hostgator control panel but it is far better than Godaddy and other service providers.

Basically, this web host has it all covered. Regardless of skill level, users can still successfully use its platform for its intended purposes.


In summary, there is also a lot of website hosts today on the market and most of them make an effort to attract clients through some crazy deals and will be offering that are really lucrative for that organization while not for the client. In the event you are taken in by them by mistake, you’ll repent a good deal afterward because of the hidden costs you pay you in a large amount as well as the cheap services they provide. So, you have to avoid thinking such contains creating a wise decision by choosing a numbered company like HostGator that sticks to the promises. HostGator charges exactly what it claims because it is hosting prices to get, there will not be any hidden costs. However, it offers industry-best website hosts towards the clients. By using HostGator coupon code you will get green discount.